When you are Air, there is nothing you want to do more than be air. When you are Water, you are a fish intimately in love with your liquid essence. Be what you are child; Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Be the Spirit that links all, together. 

From the poem 'Liminal Shoreline'


by Kacey Stephensen

Welcome to my official website! I've created this space in order to more fully share the musings and creations of my heart. Traversing the many different branches and leaves of the tree which has become the creative and spiritual passions of my life. 

This is a space not only to share my music and upcoming projects within my musical life but to also share blogs, reflections and my poetry.

The musical journey is also a spiritual journey for me and is intimately entwined with poetic vision and the sources of spiritual nourishment that sustain and foster great inspiration within my work, namely Nature and Druidry. 

On this site dedicated to my work, you will be invited to read, listen and stay tuned to new poetic and musical endeavours, blogs and reflections, upcoming events and the like.