Kc's Journey so far...

Heres a little history of my musical, poetic and spiritual journey so far! 

Kacey Guy Stephensen has had many musical and colourful adventures. Starting off at the age of 17 under the name 'Orin Winter' which eventuated into The Orin Winter Band with two of his brothers Cody and Dusty Stephensen along with other talented musicians. They won an award for their performance at Frances Folk Festival in 2013.

Kacey continued performing his original music at folk festivals, including the Fleurieu Folk Festival where he ended up starting a new group project with a fellow musician/singer and songwriter Emily Schoof. They went under the name Serendipity and travelled allot, performing at big folk festivals across Australia; from Canberra National Folk Festival winning the Liz Johnson memorial award for vocal excellence to Woodford Folk Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Signit Folk Festival and Fleurieu Folk Festival among others. 
The Duo, sometimes Trio eventually went their seperate ways to pursue other goals and aspirations.

In 2016 going under the name 'Kc Guy' Kacey recorded his first official solo EP 'Sleeping Giants' which is available on Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes. He started performing around and performed as a solo artist at Fleurieu Folk Festival in 2017. 
Early in march 2018, he put together his first ever Fringe shows with a full backing band and two amazing support acts. It consisted of two shows in March for the fringe at the Grace Emily Hotel in Adelaide. He called his fringe show 'Chasing The Hare' after his song with the same name. 

Kacey's recent band consists of a very talented and supportive team: With Matthew Lycos on Mandolin and back up harmonies, Cody Stephensen - Kacey's younger brother on Drums and harmonies. Heather Stratfold on Cello, Stefan Hauk on Bass and Harmonies for the fringe show and Danni Varis on Bass for The English Ale performance in 2018. 

He is currently focusing on staying a solo artist with the occasional full band for big events. He is passionate about nature, earth based spirituality, magic, myth, legend, story telling, poetry. All of these things interconnect for Kacey and are all expressed in his music in often very emotive and poetic ways to take the listener on an inner journey, down the ancient forest path to share with others the magic and inspiration of the green forest way.

A new Album is coming out in 2019



Liz Johnson memorial award for vocal excellence Canberra National Folk Festival (2014) As serendipity with Emily Schoof 

Frances Folk Festival Bandamonium competition 2013 
(Orin Winter Band)

Youth show case Canberra national folk festival 2014 (as Serendipity with Emily Schoof)