Meditation in the sweltering heat 

Spirit of place at my childhood home, fostering passion nurtured by the heat of summer. 


Man of earth, man of sea

sing into the heart of me

Feet of earth, feet of water 

divine my love from every quarter. 

Sunny day, a hot dry heat illuminates the qualities of fire, I harness passion and the torch within to bring me forth into great desire. 

From desire nurtured by this ancient land and in the crackling heat anew, ascend like acacia from the ashes, the thoughts of aspirations new. 

Summon the strength with the hearth within, its cauldron bubbling. Taste the three drops when you start and cultivate seeds of healing realisation. 

Oak of strength grows in the north, where the sun rises in its zenith and there is Eucalyptus strong, the vigour of a grove keeper. 

Hardy is this ancient land, dry is the wind but I conserve the waters of the soul with proper mulching, and kindly deeds. 

Nurturing the land, the green and leafy grove, the golden wattle up above, the gum tree spirit oozing her sap. 

Here is where my druidry extends and sings with the fruits of a sacred harvest. 

Sitting with sorrow 

Seeing into the heart of me, seeing into the heart of the seed, loves ambrosial truth; reverberating from every crevice of my desire.

Feel, I am filled, see I am seen, discover I am discovered. 

What is this 'I' this me by which I am? longing and grief have struck a mortal chord, the plectrum falls on hard strings. 

I sit, I watch, I feel and hear the intricacies of my existence and that which is the spirit in all, the green world of nature and she calls me forth from the warn and the outdated into a place of ever present joy. 

Anxiety, a symptom of the recognition, that if we don't accept our own nature, our own destiny, the doors to freedom with hinges rusted through will remain shut. 

Until that time when such deepness, deep truth makes us move, stirs within us the . need to flow forth from our stream of vital gnosis, to push on, to swim the vast ocean, to climb the tallest of soul trees, to bask in the raise of a new dawn and know for sure that this is a new day; to sip the delectable life juices, to sigh an intense relief, to run naked and jump over the spikiest of blackthorn;

to taste of her berries when she loves you, to know the soul of the ever living truth.


Until then, you will gather the strength you need from the place where you spent a long time in the deep; breaking down the veneer and the dressings, taking off the layers of your personal, inner dichotomy that you laboured so laboriously to uphold. 


That which you want, you have already attained before the inception of desire, before love and joy were forgotten but never lost. 

The mystic way of the Druid

See that in the eye of each one of you is Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

See in your left palm, upright and cupped to the sickle moon, is your vessel. 

See in your right hand stretched out with fingers directing towards the sun,

is the way the seed is growing. 

See how moon and sun meet in the centre,

See how the centre meets everywhere.

See that you are everywhere: 

Star in Stone, Stone in Star. 

Eclipse of Moon, 

Eclipse of Sun, 

Mistletoe child, listen,

Be reborn to your self. 

Listen, listen.... hear it? 

That is you.