New Leaves, New shoots - Expressing the inner bard, deep listening and the importance of rest

There are things which have no beginning, nor an ending. The circular motion of galaxies or the circular cycles of the seasons, or the circular tide of day and night which who can say is sown by the seed of dawn or the welcoming cave of dusk? our dreams and aspirations are not linear paths to fruition or to an end result which justifies the means of the beginning point, nor the fruit of it's intended success. The journey from it's inception, to wherever it leads is the organic and also will driven path of the spirit in every moment, the door of 'endings' is actually a door to something new but like the midpoint of the year at Alban Arthan - The winter solstice, one thing must die in order for the new to be reborn; from out of the skins of it's old self comes the divine and refreshed, replenished Mabon the child of light within us all.

To the Celtic peoples and for Druidry past and present, the day began as the sun went down, not as It arose at dawn; it began in darkness, not in light.

Value the incubating darkness of night, the great cauldron, the nurturing cave of the inner journey, reflected in the birth of each day from the darkness of the mothers belly - the sacred earth her self; value also the importance of sleep for life to - be.

The moments of silence, the deepening moments of great contemplation, nurtures and incubates the seeds of light by which we come forth from night, from the depths of the unconscious, or the depths of a quiet period in our lives.

Times of stillness, of no sound, of little action are needed in order to incubate and foster great splendour, great creative ideas or journeying.

So many factors determine where we walk, how far we travel and what we do and create along the way. The paths that branch out, that sometimes spiral back on themselves and sometimes still, they progress forward in a seamlessly easy journey to the horizon.

No journey can be taken without preparation however, without certain necessary life experiences or challenges in order to fully become who we are in this world.

Sometimes the road we started down many years ago spreads off into other meandering directions and maybe changes direction entirely from it's original point.

Over the Easter long weekend just gone, I went to Druid Camp in Adelaide, South Australia. Damh the Bard, Cerri Lee and Kristoffer Hughes along with Spiral Dance and many many amazing and beautiful souls came together for a weekend of inspiration, creative expression, and deep connection with Awen.

Seeing the passion of such amazing Druidic leaders as Kristoffer Hughes from the (Anglesey Druid Order), Damh the Bard (Pendragon of OBOD) and Cerri Lee from OBOD over the period of the camp inspired me further in my journey to fully expressing and standing in my passions and to share them more charismatically and passionately with the world. Their love and ways of holding space, disseminating knowledge and wisdom in that space but also offering a moment by which all are inspired, to shine forth their own Awen, their own 'flowing breath'.

In order to be the shinning light of Taliesin within, I've needed a long period of resting and distilling with my music; at least publicly, I've just needed some time to rest and see what I really want to do and where I really want to go with my creative expression.

There is a great quotation that goes "Darkness is the fosterer of splendour", this darkness is not the malevolent evil side to the dichotomy of 'dark and light' you might find in christian ideology, no this is simply the same darkness as the darkness you need at night in order to sleep deeply. It is the darkness which illuminates a flame, this is the backdrop to the universe! All things, stars, light, all shine forth from a backdrop, a deep restful place of darkness, so too do you come by day from the womb of night.

The silent spaces between notes are more important than the sounds themselves, it couldn't be more true, in every facet of our lives. At some point though, the bear must arise from her deep dark slumber into the light of morning to once again interact with the world. Rest, doesn't last forever just like 'doing' doesn't last forever and so, one leads into the other in a circular motion of necessity. It is necessary that we all give our selves the space to breathe, to find our centres before the gradual necessary return to the interactions of being alive and the everyday interactions and complications of living.

So, coming into a new beginning, a new 'scheme of things', I have created the beginnings of what will become my official, comprehensive website. Not just for music but for all the spheres of my creative expression and hopefully along the way, you are inspired as well and in your own way.

Let us build the future together, let us sing into being that which love inspires, that which heals and nurtures earth, air, fire, water; who's Nwyfre flows through Land, Sea and Sky.

May the love of Land, Sea and Sky inspire us all.

May we inspire each other, each and every day.